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Dozer Day® |

Dozer Day®


October 5 & 6, 2024
11 AM – 4 PM
Clark County Event Center

Top Sponsors

What is Dozer Day®?

Dozer Day® is an immersive experience with the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of the largest machines the construction industry has to offer. Dozer Day® is also the perfect opportunity to connect with employers and learn about industry careers.

Building Communities

Dozer Day® events across the nation are fundraisers, with net proceeds given back to nonprofits in local communities where Dozer Day® hosts its events. For a full list of beneficiaries, please click here.

Building Careers

Dozer Day® helps you get in the driver’s seat, operate controls (under supervision, of course!), and learn about the functions and capabilities of various construction equipment. Activities at Dozer Day® are designed to be both entertaining and educational, fostering an interest in the construction industry. As a bonus, many of the sponsors are employers in the community who are actively hiring!

About The Nutter Family Foundation

The Nutter Family Foundation is a nonprofit focused on the needs of children; believing that when children are given the opportunity to develop their talents, society thrives.

The Nutter Family Foundation’s accomplishment of giving back $2.2+ million is a testament to the power of community collaboration. If our story inspires you, please consider joining the Nutter Family Foundation in giving back by becoming a sponsor and/or volunteer!